Social art initiative created in Kazakhstan to tell the stories of five women survivors and victims of domestic violence through contemporary art: paintings, installations, collages, NFT art, theatrical performance.
This is a joint product of Citix company in collaboration with the Binance NFT Marketplace.
Behind the Door art objects were presented at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, in October 2022. During first two weeks more than eight thousand people visited the exhibition. The event was widely covered in media.
All proceeds from the sale of art objects and their NFT versions will be donated to support domestic violence survivors.
Behind the Door art initiative is aimed at making a louder statement about the problem of violence against women in Kazakhstan and supporting local artists who speak out on the subject.
Behind the five stories the project sheds light on, there are thousands of untold stories. They take place behind closed doors. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there were more than 100 thousand domestic violence reports, in 2022.
Author: Moldir Sagyndykova
160 x 130 cm
Moldir Sagyndykova depicted Venus with her children - she embraces them and covers them with her body. Moldir put the story of Venus, told in the first person, on the plexiglass.
acrylic / canvas / plexiglass
Venus is 39 years old. She is a businesswoman and mother of three children. Her ex-husband had been brutally beating Venus for several years. She left him during her last pregnancy, afraid of losing her child after another beating.
Author: Aruzhan Zhumabek
Artist Aruzhan Zhumabek depicts Alina and her thoughts of her experiences hanging over her in heavy scarlet clods.
wool / fabric painting
Alina is a student and she is 21 years old. Two years ago she was brutally beaten and raped by her ex-partner. Now he is in prison. Alina is proud that she brought the case to court and was able to punish the rapist despite pressure and threats from his relatives. She shared her story to free herself and put it behind her.
Author: Zoya Falkova
Artist Zoya Falkova created a miniature ceramic version of the concrete fence on the streets of Almaty. She put down there a slogan "You beat – you seat [in jail]". This is how the slogan becomes a public truism.
ceramic / glaze
Anara is a pastry chef and mother of seven children, she is 40 years old. Her former partner beat her and turned out to be a pedophile - their common 4-year old daughter was his victim. Now he is in prison.
Author: Dariya Temirkhan
Artist Dariya Temirkhan explores the value of human life through its fragility. How often all it takes is an abuser's desire to deprive a woman of her freedom or life.
Embroidery on fabric and video art
Tomiris was an undegraduate student from Kazakhstan, studying International Economics in Russia. Tomiris was 21 years old when her ex-boyfriend killed her, pushing her out the window at the university building. For four years, Zhanna, Tomiris' mother, had been fighting to have her daughter's killer put in prison. This high-profile case was followed by general public in Kazakhstan.
Author: Bakhyt Bubikanova
Artist Bakhyt Bubikanova explores the double meaning of the word "stool" in the life of the heroine. On the one hand it is a common household item, on the other hand, it is an instrument of violence against Aliya's mother. The artist deconstructs the stool - she saws it into pieces in an attempt to deprive it of its second, terrible meaning.
Aliya is a project manager in IT, she is 21 years old. Aliya grew up in a family with a tyrant father who used to raise his hand against her mother. One of Aliya's hardest memories of childhood is her father beating her mother with a stool in front of her and her sisters. Now Aliya lives apart from her parents and cut all ties with her father.
Author: Zoya Falkova
concrete, paint
About 400 women die each year in Kazakhstan as a result of domestic violence. Public art "400/365" Zoya Falkova is a "battered" pedestal without a monument with 400 abusers’ fist marks painted on it. It tells the viewer that domestic violence victims often remain unrecognized and depersonalized in society. This art object was placed in a park in Almaty, Kazakhstan
I am five thousand years old
The performance premiered at the Behind the Door opening ceremony.
Theatrical performance directed by Tatyana Kim
The performance tells the story of women who are five thousand years old, and nothing is stronger than them - us. They make their own history and guide their destinies along the path they choose for themselves. The names of all the Behind the Door art works characters and other domestic violence survivors in Kazakhstan were included in the performance.
• Bakhyt Bubikanova, Aruzhan Zhumabek, Zoya Falkova, Moldir Sagyndykova, Dariya Temirkhan - contemporary artists from Kazakhstan
• Aliya, Alina, Venera, Anara, Tomiris – five women survivors and victims.
Contributors of the initiative
• Qara Studios video team
• Director Tatyana Kim
• NFT-designer Yerdana Yerbol
• Olya Vesselova
The initiator and sponsor of the project is Citix, a Kazakhstani company that develops the Smart City and AdTech innovative technologies.

Citix creates smartboards - smart street gadgets controlled by EYWA software and integrated with city services, instantly providing useful information to city residents.

The company has built a network of smartboards in three countries - Kazakhstan, Turkey and the UAE. Smartboards manage traffic and pedestrian flows, transmit alert messages in case of emergencies, notify about air quality, warn drivers in advance if an ambulance or fire department is approaching, and broadcast educational and cultural content.

Citix is a winner of international technology and innovation awards, including the ISE Amsterdam Digital Signage Award, and is one of the top 3 IT projects in Kazakhstan.

The mission of Citix is to create a new experience of interaction between technology and people. In the Behind the Door the company used its network of street gadgets to remove the stigma from the topic of domestic violence in Kazakhstan and draw public attention to this problem.
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